the young and the loveless…

with street shots from yours truly staring miss bethany robertson, aka loveless designs

| click any image for full gallery |

straight out the streets of NYC.

all the way to the SFBdead and gone002_edit


also making an appearance, the lovely samantha savoca and her partner noah

dead and gone005-EDIT

i am on a disposable camera kick, in attempts to detatch myself from the rarity of the film

{since I have been shooting only slide film for years} $$$ 

so as to actually use it and photograph fleeting moments, instead of coming back to them or just simply letting them go and not photographing them at all

because I am a film hoarder

i started buying disposable B&W cameras.

sf stairsdisposablelove019

there is much anguish when I let my logical mind overwrite my creative one and sacrifice a lovely instance for some kind of film treasure reserve in the future when there is no longer developer in existence.

like it has to be so special to be worthy of film documentation.


it is ridiculous, but I seem to keep talking myself out of clicks

even with the damn disposable camera.

deon is awesomeSo I took one with me everyday on my walk to and from work

or play, depending on the day.

this is the ending result

Dante is awesome

and homeless

sometimes he’s at Sutter Stockton garage where I park, I paid him for being my model that day

he has a fantastic smile

and then, there’s entrance to Chinatown, and the sweet Falun Dafa advocates.

that’s some serious stuff, do yourself a favor and check it out.

and then there’s Anthony, editor-in-chief for BobCut mag.

he too is awesome, and very shiny 🙂

baldwin's hotelOde to Baldwin, hotel on Grant St. SF

I decided the series should be called

disposable love

namely because of my talented friend bethany and her beautiful art ∆ loveless designs ∆ as well as her wonderful, inspiring and motivating presence.

dead and gone011_EDIT

damn conceptual bullshit is blocking my in-real-time creative flow!

or maybe its just laziness, either way.

disposablelove002dead and gone006

so these are just for the sake of shooting, smiling

and loving where you are and who you’re with.


make sure to check out Bethany’s incredible art @lovelessdesigns

she is beyond talented and killin’ it in the NYC

jessie st

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