went to the post office today…

… made me think of this.


back to 2009 when I had the beautiful experience of living in Florence, Italia on Via Faenza for a month.

how incredibly beautiful.

I am lucky to have captured and to be able to share a small bit of the beauty I experienced with the world.

my last post was over six months ago, and that is just sad.

Its topic of discussion was my lack of developing & posting, and I have lived up to my report.

I have seen and documented so much that it should be an ever multiplying slide show on this site.

but for some reason I let it overwhelm me.

I feel ashamed for being so lazy and caught up in the stress of trying to get my life together that I stopped what I knew I was supposed to be doing all along.

no more of this nonsense, and I shall not make empty promises.  I will, however, post things quite a bit more frequently than 6 month intervals.

these are just some of my favorites, click any image for the full gallery

























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