creating art at the palace…

…of such fine things.

sam and I made a friend at a show in SF while we were visiting last spring

sam had been wanting to spin her |fire| devil sticks in the street…


afterwards, we walked to find a spot that our new friend promised would be worth the trip…

as well as a perfect environment for such a performance.

upon arrival we both were silenced in awe

| or possibly jumping up and down with excitement because it was so perfect |

either way…

we were amazed of the glowing palace we had just found near the edge of the bay

its just….awesome

 I highly encourage seeking out this beautiful place when in San Francisco

thanks to our friend for sharing with us | and now you | this lovely work of art

palace of the fine arts | sf | march 2013

no edits | all images taken with my canon mark II

© jessie morris


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