baby’s got them old dreaming blues…

…such lovely tones, lovely hues.cyprints*magno_russ_sam010


these images are printing using one of the most practical photographic processes

| c y a n o t y p e |

| 1 8 4 2 |

| s a l t  + m e t a l |


 M A G I C

Sir John Herschel discovered through  experimentation with “deeply colored salts” reacting with metallic compounds of a ferrous nature when exposed UV light how to create a stable, monochromatic photographic image whens the chemicals are combined and applied to an aborbent surface .  Ferric ammonium citrate becomes ferrous when exposed to UV light; using this, potassium ferracyanide (as suggested to him by a friend) a permanent mark is then made and water is then used to fix the images*

| a term and process that Herchel invented |

I found Lisa McCartney’s Sunprints about 5 years ago at a local used book store when I no longer had access to a darkroom;  its a collection of salt and cyanotypes. Her grainy, delicate, beautifully frozen moments were so inspiring.

This having inspired me to publish a book of my own prints, I was even more motivated when I learned that a woman named Anna Atkins in 1853 printed and published a book of hundreds of handmade images using the cyanotype process; this was the first use of photographic printing for accompanying scientific visual.*

I am quite found this process for its very little use chemicals and processing, its lovely color and the ability to manipulate the image in an infinite number of ways.




click here or any image for full gallery 


 *James, Christopher “The Book of Alternative Photographic Printing Processes, Second Edition.”  © Delmar, Cengage Learning, 2009; p.150-3.

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