Blood Moon Total Eclipse x2…

In 2022 there have been two total lunar eclipses. I am a fan of excessive 2’s…..

A few years ago, my mom decided she wanted photos of the birds in her yard, so she bought me this awesome telephoto lens to do so…

And now I can finally take almost as good of moon photos as the people with a $2000 phone…lol.

I love a solid excuse to stay up all night, so I was quite excited when I learned there was going to be another eclipse on Nov 8th, the last one until 2025.

In May during the eclipse I got some really great shots, but never posted them and considered it a loss as far as sharing images goes…

I have some kind of weird OCD where if I don’t abide by certain sharing parameters then said info or material become null and void eventually….like posting a celestial event’s photo’s 3 months later..

But alas! The relevancy has returned and so I thought I should post these pretty quick. I never really edit anything at all out of the camera unless its for some design work….so the images are as they were shot.

Some people say they are a biblical warning…I would also agree. But not necessarily a fearful one.. And I wonder if the fact that there will not be any for 3 years is as significant as it’s happening 2 nights ago?

I think so. I believe that God shows us signs in the heavens, and they aren’t all to be feared as much as in awe.

He gives us warnings yes – but he also gives us majestical presents and beautiful secrets to behold….

I am posting two galleries – one from November 8th 2022, and the other from May 15-16th, 2022 – in the southeastern US…

Also side note – clouds rolled across pretty fast so I didn’t really get very many images after the fact, but in May there are many more clear images…

I hope you enjoy the galleries….Cheers!


November 8th 2022, 4:50am-5:30am EST

May 15-16th, 2022 from 11:30pm-1:00am EDT

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