over and over again…


let freedom ring

sounds like some very accepted & understood


we shouldn’t

have to go about

addressing 85 years after Francis Scott Key

wrote those words

in “America” we’ve all been taught and


since the kindergarten school bell

started ringing…



explain to me why


bringing all of us


teaching us whatever

we do will come

back to you – and always

follow the golden rule



and then

as we become mademoiselles and monsieurs

we lose those lessons

things become a blur

what’s happened to us

not progression and understanding – but

instead protesting

silently, violently

because our neighbors

our brothers just standing

on the corner smiling, trying to

walk, talk and breathe

are being beaten

broken and buried

for just simply trying to




in this world

no different from you

and me

sitting here having

coffee and tea

our DNA is all intertwined

wrapped around and around

like a toy you wind, smiling

we are all of one mind

connected and projected

infinitly – all of us

together make up humanity – and

without each other


none of us would






and just when I’d hoped

this verse had covered the troubled state

of my mind

the next day I find

another one of our brothers and sisters

dead in the paper

another story of horrific pain

from page to page

all the hate

and outraged.

it must end

or it will end us




me / 2015 –  different year, same shit.


image from 2015 /  knoxville, tn  / portra 800

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