magnolia contact. . .

it’s time when the Magnolia Grandiflora is in full bloom.

we are so lucky to be a witness. the way this flower seems to always glow is no mistake, there is an essence to this flower that is extraordinary. 

this will be the first year I don’t go home to see these beautiful flowers in my mother’s backyard.   this year, I hope I’m getting to go home for the autumn colored leaves 

i also am not really photographing any magnolia flowers this year.  For the past, i don’t know maybe 5 years,  I have taken so many photographs of these lovely things. 

I am just going to work in the darkroom with the film I already have, perfecting prints. 

this image is from 4 years ago or so, originally digital for a cyanotype. from my cycles series . . .  negative on OHP film . . .

this is a contact print on Ilford matte fiber paper

mary ann’s magnolia 

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