food chains . . .

. . .this is from a series I have been shooting for years about the food we eat.

these images are from my garden, napa fields, petaluma cattle and bodega bay fishing boats


artist statement • f∞d chains

we are attached energetically to what we consume.

to the animals, to the leaves and the fruits, the seeds and the earth.

as a human race, we have progressed, evolved and become ill because of the things we have put in our bodies.

good and bad.

how we are chained to meat, and they are chained to us.  to our needs.

this is an observation, I am not judging or pointing fingers.  I just recently became vegan, and struggle with it.  I keep going back and forth from cheese to no cheese, chicken to no chicken.

I love cows, and chickens and fish. and pigs. and goats. Most of us do love animals, and care for them. my grandfather was a cattle and veggie farmer; cows will always hold a special place in my heart.

this work more of a socio ecological exploration of the surroundings we have created for ourselves.  And how we are to survive and cope with the guilt of eating other animals for our own benefit and advancement.  how we are to escape the crops that have been poisoned and modified by science. and how it has poisoned us in return.

the natural cycles that we have interfered with, and now must correct.




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