dogwoods bloom…

…and water falls

carrie beside the falls | cherokee ntnl forest, tn | march 2014

they are my best friend Carrie’s most favorite flower and time of year.

last year while blooming, she and I drove the Cherhola Hwy to the falls right outside of Indian Boundries.

The highway runs all through the Cherokee National Forest in TN and is a must for anyone on a motorcycle passing through,

{ the H-D store at the start of the line makes that clear right away }

A while back on the phone, I had a dear friend [let’s call her J] recollect tales of her youth at the Cherokee forest, and her frequent visits to Bald River Falls and camping at Indian Boundries.

A place I too frequented in my youth.

She spoke of how any chance she got, she would go.  J eventually purchased a camper, or as she put it her “gypsy wagon”, so as to be able to adventure more frequently with ease up in the Blue Ridge mountains.  She and a friend would go explore the off roads and park the wagon where it seemed fit.

“the laurel was in full bloom

flowers fell into the

flowing water where we



As she told me this, I realized how close I had been to such beauty, how I shamefully neglected it and how much I missed it.   I knew it was there, I saw it everyday and I did appreciate it.  In Knoxville you are surrounded by mountains, its like being held by mother nature.  This was a most comforting feeling.  But I have not experienced the raw and gritty true essence of those magical mountains near enough as I should to be as old as I am.

Now 2500 miles away, I too am surrounded by beauty.  A surreal landscape that at certain times of day in the right light can look like the surface of some unknown planet.  I am trying my best to document it.

although, I do miss my best friend and the mountains and trees in my old backyard.

these dogwoods are from my side yard.

happy father’s day, miss you dad.

happy solstice


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