tend to the process…

detach from the outcome.

hanging canvas in photos by Tibetan thangka master, Tashi Dhargyal.

 I have been waiting to post these photographs with accompanying text. however, I just can’t find the words.

I don’t believe any are needed to explain what I cannot anyway.  All I can say is I was overwhelmed with love and hope after being in the presence of the Tibetan Deprung Loseling Monks from Atlanta, Georgia.

They spent a week in Sebastopol performing healings, blessings and guided mediations.

As well as creating this incredible Medicine Buddha Mandala

in the Tibetan Gallery & Studio owned by

Tashi Dhargyal.

The monk’s artwork of and teachings have left me speechless.

While viewing this, keep in mind the recent pain their brothers and sisters are in regarding the Nepal Earthquake.  Let’s wish them much strength.  Below is a link to donate to help with the disaster.

Thank you for your kindness.

Donate to UNICEF here

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