on my way home…

to tennessee this spring…

I stopped to photograph this beautiful yellow field.

I never stop when i’m alone.

I always talk myself out of solo side of the road adventures and usually end up regretting it.  I make up some crazy scenario that could arise as a result of my intrigue and as my wheels continue rolling along, I look back knowing that what i had just passed was something really, really wonderful.

not this time, and never again.

especially in Alabama…

…its full of seemingly desolate houses and fields with an emotionally pulling presence that cannot be ignored.

not following through with that kind of intuitive creative shit will eat you up

so next time just stop and document that thing that is screaming at you…

its loud for a reason.

this rich saturated color you get from kodak positive film is fantastic.

they have broken my heart discontinuing this beautifully made medium

no edits | handheld | taken with my bronica s2

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