there is balance in reciprocity…

BoomBox :: SB :: soundcheck

…you get what you give, and all that jazz.

it’s the truth.

and… it leads to all the right kinda things:

like happiness, smiles, positivity.

all alongside an amazing, harmonious display of creative musical genius that one is sure to never forget.

this awesome time that i am speaking of being the first weekend of July in beautiful

State Bridge, Colorado

there is something to be said about genuine appreciation for one another’s contribution to creating such an environment:

a group of people, mostly strangers who are truly connected on an unspoken level of respect, exchanging of energies and experience.

magic at State Bridge...

that {i feel} is the most inspiring sight for an artist, no matter your medium. people engaged in what you’re doing and loving it.

I must say, that the amount of beautiful creative juices that were running throughout that place were almost too much for my senses.  I couldn’t have taken enough photographs to capture every slight change in hue…

and it was because of the wonderfulness of you that everything came together as it did.

BoomBox :: SB :: July 6

you can look at the photographs and tell, this didn’t just happen by mistake… not lucky shots.  it just looked and felt amazing, period.

I know that Russ and Z truly appreciate how incredible that weekend was.

BoomBox :: SB :: July 6

who needs fireworks to celebrate the most patriotic weekend when you’ve got Todd Jones using gobos to create disco balls out of thin air?BoomBox :: SB :: July5

you don’t.

this is what I feel people most of us participating in these kind of events strive for, however I seldom seem to experience as a whole.  there are always these small {gaps in judgment if you will} in the unspoken ways of the creative weekend experience….

“oh it’s okay, they have people to clean that up…”

not my trash, not my problem…”

and then, there are always ever present person{s} who does not seem to know where it is they are going and that there are, in fact, actual human beings in their path and not merely jungle brush to hack down in order to progress themselves deeper into the drowning, surrounding madness of the forest. gotta be where the action is, no matter what the expense…i.e. some un-expecting persons comfort level.

it was as though everyone at SB knew of these ways and were setting a beautiful example to abolish said irritating behavior forever…

and although i am a photographer, i have anxieties about being in the crowd:  carrying that huge and potentially dangerous camera around, disrupting people or getting in the way; but i wanted to document everything; it was so harmonious and easy flowing.  so wonderful to just pass by each other’s presence without disruption and then being left with a lighter feeling.

everyone gliding through, respectfully…me with my camera likewise.

I have never seen so many people picking up trash in party mode, it was so awesome.

thanks for the wonderful experience State Bridge, until next time…

keep on giving that good stuff


these photographs {except for one cropped} are all as shot, from camera…

 absolutely no edits.

{click here or any image for full image gallery of the weekend}

all images © jessie morris

BoomBox :: SB :: July5

BoomBox :: SB :: soundcheck

BoomBox :: SB :: July 6

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