mouse painting…

…silly creatures at his house in sonoma county.

mouse house :: sebastopol, ca :: march 2013 :: ektachrome

i am very blessed to know artist Stanley Mouse.

Stanley’s artwork has circled the earth and back, surely inspiring all who have been fortunate enough to encounter any of his beautiful creations.  from pin stripping & posters to female nudes on canvas and anything in between, Mouse’s many talents are shown through his use of many mediums, tasteful and edgy variety of subject matter and concepts, while delicately mastering references to the past and tradition of fine art. all the while doing this, he has created a strong, concise niche in the world of art all his own. marketing himself and the musicians he supported in such a way that propelled his artistic voice (while also inspiring and exposing said musicians) to become widely recognized, respected and thoroughly developed stylistically.

:: mouse studios ::

Stanley has inspired me and transformed my creative mind in more ways than i will probably ever understand.

when he invited me to study and live in his studio for a few weeks, i did not hesitate. i found to my fancy that the fruit bin in the fridge in my sleeping quarters was full to the brim with 16mm color reversal film & the veggie drawer was full of rolls of ektachrome (and a couple kodachromes) 120 positive slide film.

needless to say, i switched from negatives to positives that day…

– .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. +

i made the some of the most beautiful art i have ever created in those 3 weeks…

…my appreciation and gratitude for this is infinite.

earlier this spring, i drove back to the west coast with my beautiful friend sam & my new bronicaS2

I wanted to take portraits of mouse while painting in his house…

and he so graciously allowed me to do so.

click the image of Stanley above to view full gallery kodak ektachrome and ilford delta3200 B&W portraits

to view more of Stanley’s artwork

please visit

:: ::


s. mouse and the train wreck :: 2013

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