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my name is Jessie Morris | I am an artist located in the southeastern U.S. |eggplant001

i am so intrigued with the duality of this medium | the deceptive nature of seemingly factual statements|

false or fact | truth or illusion or just a misinterpretation | or alternate perspective|

of what is seemingly reality

using natural energy, metals and chemical reactions to create a physical representation

of what once was in a moment was physically tangible | or maybe only seemingly so

transferring the light and energy to film | or paper | a physical object

and preserving documentation of said moment in time

is simply magical | so full of awe and mystery |

this seems to be my most efficient way of communicating with the world cyprints*magno_russ_sam017

| photographic magic |

I make prints using traditional, alternative and digital printing processes

| please check back soon to see additions new and old |


| thank you for your supporting creativity |

| please contact me regarding prints & commissions below |

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